Take That For Data!

Analyzing Data: Process and Method

Getting the basics right first.

Before we can put up something successfully, we always start with the basics. And as for data, this is in the context of preparing the data to have better analytics and to deliver accurate results. Of course, data quality is also our priority.


Why do we need to explore the data?
Before making conclusions from the data, we need to explore it first in order for us to understand what the data was about. From here, we will be able to see the fundamental metrics of the dataset like the maximums, minimums, range, relationships of the numerical data, and also, we can see the different values of our categorical data. Having all these knowledge, we can use it to efficiently clean our data.

Analyzing Data.

Data analysis is the process of researching from a mass of data to significant insights. There are many different methods to use for analyzing different types of data, and Statistical methods are one of the most important technique to analyze either quantitative and qualitative data.


Why do we need to have sufficient knowledge of Statistics?
As mentioned “data is everywhere”, today we live in a world where information can be derived to any possible situations and much of these are determined mathematically with the help of Statistics. There are many instances in our lives when we try to determine relationships of things based on their characteristics, we usually associate height and weight, budget and expenses and other aspects in life which may be related with one another. Measuring the degree of their associations and predictions on a higher level needed proper Statistical Methods to collect the data, employ the correct analyses, and effectively present the results.